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About Us

Fahagraphics was established in 2007 in Kenya, as dealers inks and print consumables.

We have since expanded and in 2013, opened a new subsidiary division in Tanzania.
Fahagraphics plans to further expand into other East and Southern African countries over the forthcoming years.

Our strategy for growth is to offer our marketplace high-quality consumable products and technical services at competitive prices and to continuously expand our product portfolio and to be able to offer our customers all their requirements under one roof.

Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage by offering them and our partners more than any other provider on the market.

Our success so far can be put down to the excellent customer relationships that we foster as well as the provision of good quality products we bring to the market.

We have good relations with our suppliers which in turn means a reliable supply that is constantly revolving and consistent. 

Areas of operation

Areas of operation map